Restrictions on Prints

At jet prints we believe in letting your creativity flow and bringing things to life – while in most cases we will 3D Print your object there are some instances where safety and morality trumps creativity. In addition, there are some 3D Prints that we are incapable of producing due to the machinery we have (either size or material). Below you will find some instances where the content you ask us to create for you may or may not be accepted. Please use your best judgement when submitting requests to Jet Prints – follow the old “Would I show this to my grandma…” rule.

  • Jet Prints will not produce any realistic/ unrealistic gun replicas regardless what it is for (i.e. a paintball gun or cosplay gun)
  • Jet Prints will not produce any parts that pair with a gun (i.e. a barrel extender for a paintball gun)
  • Jet Prints will not produce any print that could easily be confused with it’s industrial counterpart (i.e. a plastic knife or sword)
  • Jet Prints will produce cosplay type weapons that can not, under any circumstances, be confused with it’s industrial counterpart (i.e. a “diamond” sword from popular game “MineCraft” created by Mojang)
  • Jet Prints will produce tools (i.e. a screwdriver or gauge for measuring wires)

Offensive Prints
  • Jet Prints will not process an order that encourages excessively violent behavior in any way (something such as boxing or MMA fighting would not qualify)
  • Jet Prints will not process an order that lowers another person/ group of people based on race, religion or belief
  • Jet Prints will listen to a customer’s reasoning for wanting a print that may fall under our Offensive category
  • Jet Prints will process an order that may fall under our Offensive category if the customer is able to justify why it is appropriate (i.e. an art piece or to make a statement in an artistic manner)

Technical Difficulty

Some requests may be perfectly reasonable that don’t violate any of the previous conditions stated on this page, however Jet Prints may not be able to process your request due to a limitation of any of the following.

  • A corrupt file or a 3D model that is unfit to print
    • Some files and models on Thingiverse, while cool looking, may not actually be practical when its time to print them. Tip: try to avoid models that just have a 2D image of the model without any pictures of the model after its been printed – while this isn’t always the case its helpful seeing the final product!
  • It’s just too big
    • The printers that we use have a maximum build volume of 8in x 8in x 7in ( ~200mm x ~200mm x ~175mm). If you request a print that exceeds that build volume it technically is impossible for us to complete it!
  • We ran out of filament
    • Just like a regular printer can run out of ink a 3D printer can run out of it’s “ink”. While we do our best to keep a stocked inventory of colors as well as keeping our available colors up to date (see our Color Options page) there are times where a filament delivery is on backorder or we forgot to update our Color Options page.
  • We have too many orders
    • While we would love nothing more than to accept every order we receive and start it right away, we currently have two printers working almost nonstop to guarantee you receive your quality print as soon as possible. Due to this restriction there may be times where Jet Prints is overwhelmed with the number of requests that are coming in. If this happens we will post a notice to the website letting you know that this has taken place. We feel that it would be wrong of us to accept your request if we know that we will be too busy to process it in the two week span that we mention on our Order Form – if this is the case we will let you know that we are unable to handle your order at the moment.

Important Information (Also located on the order form)

“Please note that this sheet is just to place a request for a print and that this DOES NOT guarantee that your request will be fulfilled – this may be due to item size, lack of material, the request is unreasonable, or not enough information was given when filling out this sheet. You will receive a message either through the provided email or phone number informing you whether or not your request has been accepted or not.”

“It should also be noted that while Jet Prints will do it’s best to deliver your product in a timely manner the 3D Printer is a machine, and just like any machine there is a risk that it will break and require maintenance. While this risk is minimal it still exists which is why it is important to know that – ANY PROJECT HAS A WINDOW OF TWO WEEKS FOR COMPLETION* – this means that you should not, for example, request a print for a project that is due in five days. Jet Prints will do it’s best to get you your product by your deadline, however if an issue occurs on the printers part, Jet Prints will not take responsibility for any late or incomplete assignments / projects.”

*A project can be expedited for a fee of $5.00


Jet Prints knows how important retaining the rights to your property is. Jet Prints does not claim any model we print or display as ours unless it’s noted that our 3D modeler designed it. Jet Prints acts as a service to deliver 3D prints to people who otherwise would be unable to participate in the hobby (similar to other major 3D printing services). Whenever Jet Prints posts pictures of a model we will list the Thingiverse creator’s name as well as a link to the model (if room allows).