RotorRiot Logo Gimbal Protectors in Flexible TPU


Protect the gimbals on your FrSky Taranis Radio with these RotorRiot Logo Gimbal Protectors in Flexible TPU



If you fly quadcopters, you know the RotorRiot crew. You know that many of them fly Taranis radios, and they’re actually the reason I bought mine. So, it’s only fitting that you Protect Your Stick with a Rotor Riot logo gimbal protector.

Designed by RBeaubien, his “FrSky Taranis RotorRiot Gimbal Protector Remix” is a great design with serious flair points. Printed in flexible TPU, these gimbal protectors fit snug in the socket, come up near the tip of the stick, have lateral or verticle play, and will allow you to transport your radio a little more securely knowing your stick is protected.

3D Printed in Flexible TPU, these are offered in Black, Green, Red, Blue and Neon Yellow currently. Don’t delay, order your RotorRiot Logo Gimbal Protectors today!

Each set comes with two separate gimbal protectors.

Additional information

Weight .42 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 1 mm
Gimbal Protector Color

Black, Blue, Bright Yellow, Green, Orange, Red


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